Paranoia Haunted House

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Unfortunately, Operation VOID proved to raise more questions than answers. An unknown charge detonated near the only entrance of Quantum Cryonics and it was soon completely blocked with debris. Radio signals were lost, and there was no longer any way to access anyone trapped inside until one year later. Another entrance was discovered on the northwestern side of the facility.

Authorities were soon able to gain access, and two investigators headed inside where a burnt and tattered field guide was recovered which held some unnerving observations about The Facility. A presumably deceased “Detective Peterson” took note that the temperature of the facility fluctuated extremely frequently and severely. This was causing the steel walls to expand and contract in an almost rhythmic breathing motion. He also greatly observed the behavior of the facility Q’s live inhabitants, noting that some were completely catatonic, and some had started banging their head on doors until they broke their skull and perished. People were strapped to electrified chairs and tables being brutally tortured but being kept alive, almost as if the pain was keeping something else alive.

Facility Q had also become a hotspot for underground crime and black market trading. Politicians, Lawyers, Doctors, and other rich, powerful individuals who secretly desire the taste of warm blood would pay a fee and, using a secret entrance, would utilize facility Q’s “services”. Another entry in the field guide described the thick consistency of the constantly running water. Upon testing the water the detectives were shocked to discover the presence of both red and white blood cells. At first they thought back to the blood factory incident, where the rogue owner of a nearby medical supplies factory was sourcing and using human blood as an alternative energy source to power the building. But this was not by any means human blood. In fact it didn’t belong to any known animal. The detectives had come to the shocking conclusion that The Facility itself had somehow evolved into a biological organism complete with respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. They discovered that there was a symbiotic relationship between the ones being tortured and the biotic facility itself; in other words, they were sustaining each other.

The final entry in the case file described in great detail something called “Seraphim Mothers”. Before Facility Q went defunct, Dr. Tobias Warner was working on creating a caretaker for his sewn-together “seraphim'' amalgamations. He wanted to create a sentient being with a heightened sense of smell and hearing but unsullied by earthly desires. He did this by splicing human and extraterrestrial DNA together to create horrors that were 8 to 9 feet tall, without eyes, but with an incredibly keen sense of smell. His creations were used to dispose of failed experiments and trespassers. Dr. Warner was particularly pleased with this outcome and sought to create more. Since almost all of the cryogenic equipment got destroyed, Dr. Warner opted to implant larvae inside of some of his remaining staff only to violently burst its way out of their hosts later. There are reportedly four fully grown Seraphim Mothers lurking around the facility. They are supposedly extremely aggressive and are sensitive to light. They’ve also been known to have a tendency to lurk in the ceilings.

Knowing what you know now, grab your credentials from the briefing bay and enter what used to be Facility Q once more. Crouch and crawl your way deeper than ever before, but beware! The facility already knows of your presence and intentions. You are a virus threatening the symbiotic relationship of the facility and its inhabitants. And it will do whatever it takes to extract you and snuff you out. Don’t go alone and be extremely aware of your surroundings because nobody is safe from EXTRACTION.

The Wretched

After the death of Esther McCoy the curse on the old McCoy property seemed to have been lifted. Almost immediately, life began to repopulate the area. Plants started to germinate and the animal population grew. Local children finally felt more comfortable playing in those woods, but the legend of what was on the other side of that bridge still remained.

Meanwhile a few miles away, Quantum Cryonics was accumulating too much runoff from their reactors to keep at their facility and needed somewhere to discreetly dispose of the excess waste. A high ranking member discovered the nearby desolate swamp and quickly began loading up drums in their unmarked vehicle and started disposing of them in the murky depths. It wasn’t long before people noticed the local flora and fauna were growing at exponential rates. Children started getting ensnared in the vast greenery. Some even would say that if you were to look hard enough, you could watch the vines grow.

There were even reports of unusually giant and ferocious animals. Particularly, an urban legend arose amongst townsfolk of a massive bioluminescent monster residing in the local swamp. Legends aside, the ones who took the most notice were Esther McCoy’s loyal followers who still took residence in that old house. They saw the rapid growth as a sign that the witch’s power was still present and started adorning the house with sigils and candles in an attempt to resurrect their matriarch. It wasn’t long after that when people started to go missing again. One by one, sacrifice after sacrifice, people no longer felt safe crossing that bridge.

The drinking water was causing the townsfolk to act strange, too. It seemed to make them delusional and violent, rambling about seeing things out of the corners of their eyes and even resorting to killing and dismembering animals and innocent people.

It is up to you and your team to investigate what is going on in this community. You will have to traverse the evil McCoy House and the fog-filled swamp, and be sure to ask the store owners what they know as well. It’s up to you to figure out what is happening in this wretched town. Will you find the resurrected matriarch of a murderous cult? Has the curse been lifted? Will you find an impoverished community sickened by contaminated swamp water? Or will you find an army of colossal bloodthirsty animals? Find out this October and walk amongst The WRETCHED.